Volunteer Spotlight

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Lisa Chalk, Stockton

Nominated by: Blanket The City With Love

Quiet, organized lady always happy to volunteer 

Lisa has made a huge difference in being willing to help with a variety of volunteer endeavors. She is ready to help when called upon regardless of the task. She is well organized and a very talented person. Thanks Lisa!


Oscar Frausto, Stockton

Nominated by: Blanket The City With Love

Calaveras Clean-up, Asparagus Festival and more 

Oscar is an amazing volunteer that always seems to be willing to help. From helping gather blankets and distribute them to the needy, to helping clean-up the waterway, volunteer and the Asparagus Festival and more, he is always there to lend a helping hand. The most amazing thing is that he is always happy to help even on short notice. Thanks Oscar! You really make a difference in our community.



Featured Volunteers

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